What We Do

Most of our clients generated their wealth by building and liquidating a privately-held family business. This imparts us with an intimate awareness of our clients’ key concerns—both current and future. Our understanding of each client’s distinct situation, coupled with our deep knowledge of the wealth management value chain, form the basis of our four-square service promise:


We work only for our clients. Because of our strictly fee-based compensation structure, clients never pay excessive fees for commoditized services. Instead, we guide them to focused strategies designed to add value.

Comprehensive Web-Based Reporting

We create clear and concise reports for our clients utilizing a methodology that allows them to analyze their investment portfolio and expenses like the P&L of an operating business. Each period, our clients receive a summary-level report—our one-page solution—along with a detailed account, strategy and asset class analysis.

Impeccable Service Standards

We provide our clients with an experience designed to both satisfy and delight. Everyone at Green Square adheres to strict service standards, which ranges from a “no voicemail” policy to face-to-face meetings. To help keep us accountable to both our clients and each other, we have memorialized our service standards in writing.

Partnership With Key Advisors

We focus exclusively on asset management. Rather than overwhelming our clients, we coordinate with CPAs, attorneys and bankers to assemble a thoughtful, efficient advisory team that’s optimized to serve each client’s specific needs.

The Green Square Promise

Our investment process is pragmatic, objective, and straightforward -- a refreshing approach when compared to the typical Wall Street firms. We spend as much time as it takes to educate our clients on the art of reconciling potential returns with possible risks. Through education and earnest conversation, we strive to help you realize your desired objectives without compromising your comfort level.