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Founded by former Goldman Sachs senior investment management professional Darrell Horn, Green Square Wealth Management offers independent, boutique wealth management focusing on cash-flow oriented investment strategies that create long-term value. We serve the needs of approximately 120 families and institutional clients across the United States and manage approximately $3 billion in client assets.


We serve the needs of more than 100
families throughout the U.S.

$3 Billion

We manage more than $3 billion in client assets.

Green Square takes a top-down, macro approach to investing globally across the capital structure. We believe markets are inherently rational and that the drivers of long-term returns are economic fundamentals. Due to our belief in efficient and cyclical markets, we steward assets to investments and strategies that compound, create cash flow, and are not diminished by excessive fees.

A vast majority of our clients are entrepreneurs who either founded or were involved in a family business. We understand the dynamics involved in such enterprises and act as a trusted advisor during the life of the business and at exit. We understand that no two situations are the same and tailor the investment process to the unique interests of all parties involved.

In addition to our investment services, Green Square provides a host of solutions for the complex issues arising from increased liquidity, including tax and estate services, bill-pay, charitable giving, and the like. Our financial services are comprehensive and independent, executed by an impartial team dedicated to adding value at every turn.

Every recommendation we make has your best interest in mind and considers the significance of your entire portfolio.

Contrary to the wealth management industry at large, our entire team works closely with every client. This team-based, boutique solution to wealth management honors the integrity of the relationship and ensures the highest degree of service.

Our Team

Darrell Horn
Senior Managing Director, Principal

Woodson Whitehead, CPA
Senior Managing Director, Principal

Betsy Humphreys
Senior Managing Director, Principal

Richard Finch
Senior Managing Director

Mallory Podesta, CPA
Managing Director, Senior Investment Advisor

Elizabeth Gordon
Managing Director, Senior Investment Advisor

Ryan Taylor
Director of Alternatives

Rebecca Jolly, JD
Managing Director, Senior Investment Advisor

James Duke, CFA
Investment Advisor

Edward Francis
Investment Advisor

Graham Shelton
Client Analyst

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